Miami x Downtime

October 2020

The Eliminate Downtime journey is a global event series with curated stories from companies who share what they have learned, challenges and insights about how to eliminate downtime. Together, we will ask tough questions and discuss solutions to create an industry where a promise – once again – is a promise.


The event will take place in October where you can look forward to a networking dinner and a full seminar day the next day. The seminar day will be a mix of inspirational talks and interactive sessions to challenge and inspire the participants.

Guiding questions for the event:
• How can the industry come together to eliminate downtime?
• What are the key challenges we need to overcome?
• Who is driving the change in the industry? And what are they doing right?
• How is your company using technology and data to eliminate downtime?
• How do we develop new services and drive innovation that eliminates downtime – based on the problems real human beings in the industry face?
• What can we learn from industry leaders who leverage data and digital solutions?

Find out more about the Eliminate Downtime journey and see the highlights from previous events here .

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